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Stay Safe with An Antivirus Software

Since the time computer and internet are invented, the cyber-attacks also came into existence. No matter which device you are using to use the internet and how careful you remain while using the internet, there is always a risk of virus attacks. The internet has many lope holes which give hackers the opportunity to hamper your get an access to your device or harm your personal data and information.

A virus can harm your computer in different ways some of which are mentioned below

• Hampers your PC performance
• Can multiply themselves
• Access your personal information
• Damage files or delete them
• Make data corrupt
• Allows hackers to steal your email address and password
• Makes your disk readable

Thus, an antivirus is a necessary tool to keep any device safe and protected. With an antivirus gets installed on your system you can easily do shopping, surfing, banking and emailing etc. without any kind of safety risk.

Tips to Stay Safe Online

If you are asked to disable the antivirus program while downloading any program, don’t do it.
Be careful while clicking on promotional sites and Ads, as they may be carrying some infection.
Don’t reply to spam emails asking for your personal or banking information.
Don’t click on links and open attachment of spam emails.
Always install a good antivirus program and keep it updates.
Be aware of public Wi-Fi. Don’t shop or do banking on a public network.
Always keep a strong password and never share them with others.
Always keep backup of your data as no antivirus program can give 100% protection.

Top Five Antiviruses Available in the Market

Norton Antivirus - It is a Symantec antivirus program which has been awarded by AV-Comparatives as one of the best antivirus programs because of its fast performance and its capability in identifying the threats and removing them from the device.

AVG Antivirus - This antivirus program has become people’s choice because of a neat user interface, e-mail scanner, Link Scanner feature and ease of use. Moreover, the software is compatible with all Windows versions and Mac.

Avast Antivirus - This product comes with some amazing features like Boot-time scanner, e-mail scanner, Network shield and much more which will make your online life easier. Additionally, the detection capability of it is outstanding.

Kaspersky Antivirus - You can protect your privacy, money, family and more with the help of Kaspersky Lab products. It is designed to fight against malware, virus, ransomware, Trojan and more.

McAfee Antivirus - McAfee antivirus is useful to protect different kinds of devices from different kinds of threats as it comes with some powerful attributes that help it to deal with even hidden threats.

The above-mentioned antivirus programs are not placed as per their rank, all of these antiviruses software are considered to be best because of their features and capability. Apart from these, there are many more antivirus programs available in the market like Panda, Bullguard, Avira and many more, which can also perform well.

How to Choose a Correct Antivirus Program

Every antivirus software brand basically supplies two types of antivirus programs, one that contains all the elements required for protection of your device from external threats and the other one that comes with some additional features for enhanced security. The later one ensures that your stay protected while working online or offline on your device.

If you are planning to buy a security suite for your system then the best way to choose it would be checking the reviews of the product. Only through user review, you can make out the efficiency of the software. Secondly, also see to it how comprehensive security you need for your device. If you are a home user then you can choose a free version as well, although for the business purpose one should always go for premium or advanced version. You also need to look for your budget before actually buying security software.

Complications Associated with Antivirus Software?

Antivirus programs can work well only until the time they are not getting any technical issue. If they get affected by any problem or conflict then don’t expect it to work to its full potential and provide you comprehensive security.

The complications and issues related to antivirus program are:

• System performance declines after installation of the program.
• It blocks the installation of other software and applications.
• Get too many errors prompts while using it.
• The scan process takes ages to complete.
• Antivirus is not detecting threats and viruses.
• The software is detecting adware and malware but not removing them.
• Experiencing abrupt system crash after the installation of the program.
• Can’t access internet or particular browser after the installation.
• Receiving Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error frequently.
• Too many pop-ups, alerts and notification are becoming a headache for the user.
• Not able to correctly install the software which is why later on it is causing issues.
• Encountering issues with the network after antivirus installation.
• System restarting abruptly because of the antivirus.
• The software is having a conflict with Windows Firewall and another third-party antivirus.
• Not able to update the program, or set up automatic update.
• Other issues associated with troubleshooting problems.

These issues don’t let your antivirus program provide you complete protection or they could even make your system vulnerable to virus attacks. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to resolve these issues as soon as they come into existence.

How to Rectify These Technical Issues?

If you yourself are not able to resolve these technical issues then you can also take help from master technicians by dialing toll-free helpline number for Antivirus. No matter which brand of antivirus you are using, you can get in touch with our experts to resolve the issue as they understand the complex nature of the software. So, without any delay, simply make a call to our Antivirus Technical Service Providers. Nothing will be able to affect your online security after you connect with us.

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