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How to Fix Kaspersky License Missing Error?

Kaspersky Lab Products have become favorite for individuals as well as business entrepreneurs; the reason is that this antivirus has proved its worth. It provides comprehensive system security against virus, malware, malicious files and software and other online threats.

When you talk to an antivirus expert he will suggest you to install this antivirus program in your system for complete security.

Installation process of the software is extremely easy, you just need to follow the given steps for it:

• Download the installation file from Kaspersky website and run it.
• Click the install button, and then read “End User License Agreement”. After reading, you need to accept it to resume the process.
• Wait for the installation to get complete.
• See to it that “Run Kaspersky Internet Security” box is checked.
• Finally, click Finish.

After the installation gets complete, you need to run the program to activate it, here where most users get stuck. A lot of time it happens that a user come across Kaspersky License missing error. To deal with this issue the best way would be contacting a Kaspersky Technical executive on toll-free helpdesk, but if in case you want to try resolving the issue on your own then try the given method. This method has worked for so many people without any fail.

• Open your antivirus program and click on Settings and then go to Advanced settings tab.
• Select Self defense and disable it, then click Apply button.
• Close Kaspersky Windows and right-click on the K icon at the right corner and press exit.
• Download the archive file to fix license missing, then extract the file from archive and run it.
• Then in the registry editor window, click yes and then click Ok.
• Here you need to cross check that the information from the key has been successfully added to the registry.
• Restart your computer and again open Kaspersky main window.
• Click Settings>Advanced Settings.
• Select “Self-defense”, then from the right part of the window under Self-Defense check “Enable self-defense”.
• Click Apply and Ok button.

Your Kaspersky product is enabled now, although if it doesn’t work then you can try deleting the key from license window and then enter it again. This way you can re-activate the product.

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