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Introducing the All-New Bullguard 2019

12 December 2018

We have all known Bullguard as one of the most promising antivirus brands. Till date, it has provided protection to millions of users. The software comes along with so many different components and features which further enhance its security and performance. The company is working really hard to improve its security features and performance. With every new version of Bullguard, you will get more advanced features. If you want to know more about your present version of Bullguard then you can ask professionals on Bullguard Help Desk Number UK. They will tell you about the hidden features of the software and if you want to upgrade Bullguard to the new version then also they will help you with the process.

Recently Bullguard has launched its new version Bullguard 2019. Here in this blog, you are going to learn about new features and improvements that are there in this software.

Home Network Scanner

Your network, if not protected properly can give the opportunity to the hackers to have an access to your entire network or device. But if you have Bullguard in your PC then you don’t have to worry much as our Home Network Scanner keeps a strict watch on your network and device round the clock. It scans thermostats, speakers, baby monitors and all connected device on the network. It scans every new device that is connected to the network. You will get a notification if you connect to an unsecured network.

Game Booster

Bullguard’s Game Booster can optimize your PC performance even when it is running on heavy load. Game Booster can improve your gaming experience. You won’t receive pop-ups and other interrupting notifications which you are playing games. But this doesn’t mean that you are not protected, the Game Booster always keeps you safe and ensures that the system performance is not compromised

New Era of Anti-Malware

It offers intelligent triple-layered protection to your device. It can recognize safe sites and programs and along with that, it scans codes for signature and anomalies to detect malware. Not only this, if any malware is found then it blocks it, quarantines it or naturalizes it before it could harm your system. It does its job continuously without sleeping for a second.

Firewall’s on Steroids

The all-new Firewall comes with an additional layer of security against malware and intruders. For Windows 10 users, it can even track security updates and uses less CPU, which ultimately means that you can run other applications smoothly. Furthermore, it comes with an Application Filtering that provides end-to-end protection to all downloaded apps. It also protects you from the unauthorized attempt of connecting the device to the internet.

So, what are you waiting for, call us now on Bullguard Phone Number UK and get Bullguard 2019 installed in your system. We want you to start protected always.

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