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What can be done to rectify Norton Antivirus Error 1327?

05 November 2018

There are limitless antivirus solutions and Norton is the right choice which includes best ever functionality and high quality features. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t get you technical difficulties. You must have heard about error codes, Norton too can present error codes in the mid of a task or at anytime. Likewise, Norton Error Code 1327 also generates and due to which you are unable to continue working.

Before anything, you should understand the error code in a proper sense. The main cause which makes such error appear is when My Documents of our device is pointing to some mapped device.

No matter what is making such error appear, you should have known the managed scale of fixing this error code. If you are confused, you can take assistance from the skilled technicians who must be available at Norton Customer Care Number UK and fix your troubles right away. Otherwise, you can opt for checking whether any registry files of your system which are related to Norton product has become damaged or corrupt. If this is the situation, you must follow the steps as mentioned in this blog.

• First of all, you need to click on the Start button which is present at the bottom of the computer screen on the Taskbar.
• And then, input command in the search box present at the bottom but you should make sure that you have not hit the ENTER button on the same time.
• Now, you have to hold CTRL and Shift at the same time on your keyboard and press ENTER.
• There, you will be prompted with a new dialog box and click Yes.
• You will see a black box that will open with a blinking cursor.
• And then, input reedits and presses ENTER.
• You need to search for the Norton Error code 1327 associated files and folders that you will find in the Registry Editor.
• Thereafter, you need to click on Export from the file menu.
• After that, you need to choose the folder where you want to store the Norton Anti-Virus backup key. You must make sure that you have saved it correctly.
• Now, you need to type a name for the backup file like Norton Backup in the File Name Box. Moreover, you should remember that name for future reference.
• And then, you need to ensure that you have chosen the selected branch in the Export Range Box and then click on Save.
• You will see that the file get saved with a.reg file extension.
• Now on, you too have a backup of your Norton security associated registry entry.

If you see issues still, contacting the right personality will be the right option. You should consult at Norton Technical Care Number UK for fixing your troubles right away. The technicians have acquired best ever knowledge to take their time and find the righteous solution for the problem. They can be contacted at any point of time and assist you in a way no one can.

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