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Why Antivirus Slow Down the System and How to Treat This Issue?

Does your antivirus program worsen your computer performance? Is it making your system work at the speed of a snail? Mostly if this happens with people they try to uninstall the antivirus program and increase their problem as this will open up door for more threats and could make thing even more troublesome.

This happens because the antivirus loads into your computer’s memory every time you boot your computer. In such situation it consumes most or total memory available in your computer. If in case your computer is already having less memory then forget about system performance as you will have to deal with crawling PC.

Secondly, the software keeps a constant strict watch on your web traffic, file transfer, emails and many more to make them completely safe and secure. The scanning process also consumes a lot of processor which is why you have to face the performance issue.

To deal with this problem you can change when and how the scanning process should take place and also change the scan intensity. Let us learn about it in detail:

Change when and how the scanning process should take place:

The main step you need to take to avoid this issue would be scheduling the scan time and frequency. You can make the scan process take place at the time when you are not using your computer, like in the night. This way it will not become a hurdle in your way. To make changes please follow the given steps. The setting of every antivirus program is different, so we are giving you general steps:

• Open your antivirus program’s console.
• Select Properties from the antivirus program’s menu, then Settings and after that Control Center.
• Look for the option that allows you to schedule scan, you can find the option in Settings/ Advanced Settings.
• Then modify the scanning frequency of your choice (Recommended 2-3 days a week).

Make changes in Scan Intensity:

You can make changes in the intensity of the scan i.e. the amount of memory that is used at the time of scan to resolve this issue. Let me tell you that not all antivirus allow you to change the intensity.

• Open your antivirus program’s console.
• From its menu, first click on Properties, then Settings and lastly to Control Panel.
• Then at the Console’s window, click on Advanced Settings.
• Next you need to look for the section named as “Scan Settings”/”Scan Quality”.
• Then make changes to scan setting to a lower setting or low memory usage option.

If none of the above method works for you then you can also try file exclusion, which allows you to exclude genuine files and websites from scan process, saving your system memory and enhancing its performance. If you need any other information then feel free to connect with antivirus service providers on toll free help. An expert can help you in every critical situation associated with the antivirus program.

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