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Nothing is safe in this world, not only in real life you have a danger from intruders but even your online life is full of risk. Since the time internet has come into existence, the cyber criminals and cybercrime are also increasing. The only way available on the market to protect oneself from all sorts of online infections and threats is an antivirus program. Only an antivirus can protect you from losing any data because of file corruption and hackers. It allows you to safely spend your time online and save all your data in your computer.

There are so many antiviruses available in the market and almost every brand claims to be the best but still, only a few of them could prove their worth and one of such antivirus program is AVG. This Antivirus is compatible with almost every platform Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Android, Mac, iOS and so on. In fact,the installation process of this software is also quite easy.

Issues That Make The Software Vulnerable

It is not so that once you installed the product on your device, you can sleep calmly. No, the software is prone to many technical and non- technical problem, which can later on harm the security of your system. Let us have a look at some problems associated with this antivirus:

AVG installation on Windows PC and Mac OS
Configuration or setup of antivirus setting for it optimal usage
Abrupt system crash after software installation
AVG clash with other antivirus and firewall
Problem in Re-installation of AVG software because of invalid key error
Security setting for PC protection
Difficulty in scheduling system scan for better security
All kinds of definition update error
Abrupt browser crashing because of AVG program
AVG Firewall blocking issue
Issues in blocking phishing programming
Antivirus is not supporting your device
AVG is not working at all or still putting your system at risk
Not able to renew your product subscription
Unable to disable auto-renewal program.

The software is available in many different versions to protect your system, some of them are listed below:

• AVG Antivirus Free
• AVG Internet Security
• AVG Internet Security Pack-3

• AVG Ultimate
• AVG Antivirus Plus Firewall
• AVG Antivirus for Mac

• AVG Antivirus for Android
• AVG Tune Up-Unlimited
• AVG Cleaner for Mac
• AVG Driver Updater

Because of their amazing feature AVG products could make a distinct mark in the global PC security market. You can safely do online shopping, net banking, save your personal data, exchange emails with the help of this antivirus program. It can remove even the most stubborn virus and malware easily without much hassle.

Here is a Guide for you, to resolve these issues on our own

AVG System Requirement

    To install an AVG program you need to make sure that you are using a correct version of the browser and a compatible processor (Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz or faster) with minimum 1 GB RAM and 1600 MB free space in hard drive. Only if your system fulfils these requirements then for your antivirus installation otherwise it will start causing issues in future.

AVG Making System Slow

    System performance diminishes when you use two antivirus programs simultaneously or your system doesn’t fulfil the basic need for the software. No two security programs can work together so better uninstall the non-AVG product from your device for better system performance and look for system requirements mentioned above before installing.

Download AVG Antivirus Free

    It is easy to download the product from AVG website. After the download process gets complete run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. Then read and accept the license agreement and wait for the installation to get complete. Once you are done with installation don’t forget to restart your computer at the end.

AVG Firewall Settings

    Firewall is used for preventing unauthorized access to the network but sometimes it blocks the genuine and reliable websites and pages. To avoid this issue, you can exclude files, folders and website from AVG scanning. The excluded websites are never blocked by the antivirus but make sure you only exclude the trusted sites.

What To Do When You Can’t Resolve These Issues?

It won’t be easy for us to merge up all the issues associated with the software in one single page. There are hundreds of things that a user has to go through before and after its installation in the device. Some of these issues users can handle themselves but other critical one needs proper guidance to be solved. Our helpline portals are extremely effective and fast in resolving users concerned issue.

Our proven and effective solutions are meant to add an extra layer of security to your device. No matter on which device you are using the software whether it is a Smartphone, computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Mac, we will help you in addressing and eliminating the issues as soon as possible. Our service are available in two different forms, you can take help either through a phone call or via remote access to your device. When always take limited access to your device and whatever we do, we do it in front of you, under your observation. We promise to provide you dedicated and quality support for your AVG product at any point in time of the day and on any day of the week on our customer care help desk.

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