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Keep Your Computer Healthy with BullGuard Antivirus

If you want your computer to work flawlessly and stay protected then you need to keep it safe from cyber threats and other infections. It is only an antivirus program that can provide a shield to your computer. An Antivirus program will keep your system away from worms, virus, Trojan horses, spyware and other intruders that are waiting to attack your personal data and information. Not every attack can be prevented with the help of antivirus program but still, it can be your good companion for prevention from intrusion.

BullGuard, as the name suggests is meant for guarding your computer. You can install this antivirus program to keep your computer healthy. The software makes sure that the program and virus signature files stay up to date so that your computer stays safe from even latest viruses. BullGuard Internet security is the main product of BullGuard which is available in free as well as advanced version.

Issues That Can lessen the Power of BullGuard

Antivirus is capable of shielding your device only till the time it is working with its full potential without any flaw or issue. But you will definitely encounter some or the other issue with your BullGuard software during its lifetime and these issues will make your system endangered to cyber-attacks. Here is a list of some common issues with the software:

The System is slowing down after the installation of antivirus.
Facing problem in uninstalling the program completely from the device.
Still getting adware and spyware issues.
BullGuard conflicts with Windows firewall.
Unable to remove third party antivirus program from the device.
Receiving frequent error prompt from the antivirus software.
System scan is taking too long to complete.
BullGuard Firewall is blocking your access to the internet.
It is stopping you from installing other software.
Receiving “Invalid Key error” while re-installing the program.
Your system doesn’t fulfill the system requirement for the software.
Viruses are detected but are not cleared by the scan.
Problems in antivirus Installation on Mac or other OS devices.
Antivirus is showing system unprotected but not doing anything.
BullGuard is crashing the running browser forcefully.

The software comes with the following features for enhanced security:

Antivirus: Gives virus no chance to enter your PC.
Game mode: Play without sacrificing the quality and speed of the game.
Firewall: Protects your Device from intruders.

Spam-Filter: Keep your inbox free from unwanted emails.
Anti-phishing: Allows you to surf, shop and bank safely.
Anti-Spyware: Keeps your data personal.

Backup: Easily secure your important files and documents.
Instant Message Protection: You can have a safe social life online.

There is hardly anything left. This software covers up almost everything that a customer looks for in an antivirus program; hence you don’t have any excuse to go for any other security suite. Whichever device you are using you can install BullGuard in it and stay safe from any kind of online or offline attack.

Why Not Try Resolving Some Of Its Issues?

Upgrade BullGuard to Latest Version

    Download BullGuard from its genuine site and then run the downloaded file. It will ask you to uninstall the older version, follow the prompts to uninstall and then restart your computer. After restarting, you can continue with the installation of the latest version of your BullGuard without any hassle.

Check BullGuard Subscription Status

    To check the subscription status of your product you need to login to MY Account with BullGuard username and password and then scroll down to “My Subscription” section. Then hover your mouse overMore Information to check the status.

Install BullGuard using CD

    Although, we suggest people to install the latest version of the software from the website but in case you have CD then insert it in CD drive. It will start the setup automatically. You just need to follow the prompt and when asked to fill the license key to complete the process. Once you are done, don’t forget to restart your device.

BullGuard Schedule Scan

    To schedule a scan in your application, click (…) from the antivirus box and then select Settings. Then click Advanced from the right side of the window and click on “Manage Profile”. There select your desired profile or create a new one. Lastly, click When and then click “I want to select a schedule” to set profile when it is most convenient for you.

How to Find Support for Other Issues?

It is not always possible for a non-technical person to resolve each and every issue associated with the BullGuard on their own. At some point in time, you will feel the need of some technical support to guide you in handling its complicated issues. But not always we could find reliable and proper assistance. Sometimes people come across unprofessional technicians, who don’t have any knowledge about the product but still they suggest you measures which later on causes major problems for users.

The only solution to this problem would be calling our experienced and certified technicians on our 24x7 BullGuard technical help service. Our technical team is working throughout the day just to bring out our customers from their technical problems. We will make sure that you don’t get the same issue again in the near future. Moreover, we also suggest some tips and tricks to our clients so that they can avoid some issues from occurring and enhance the performance of their device.

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