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Can't Send or Receive Mails in Hotmail? How to Rectify it?

16 March 2018

Mailing is the most adopted criteria whether businesses or ideal communication measures are concerned. But, there is a possibility that you can’t send or receive emails in the Mail app on your iOS device that is really annoying sometimes. If Hotmail is not even sending or receiving mails then what’s left? So, it becomes important to rectify this situation as soon as possible. Whenever you get to face any technical difficulty with your mailing client, you just need to contact the tech personalities at Hotmail Technical Helpline UK deployed for resolving the errors associated with Hotmail account.

Before you start to combat this very issue, iOS backups only back up your mail settings, but not your emails. When you delete or change your email account settings, then there are chances previously downloaded email might be deleted from your iOS device.

You just need to follow the right steps with righteous information. In this blog, you have been proposed with easiest steps for resolving this situation. These are as follows:

• Check for the Internet Connection: For checking on the internet connection, you have to see if the cellular data is on or not, or some Wi-Fi connection. Try opening a webpage into Safari.

• Look if your Outbox is having some unsent mails: This is a known fact that when some message hasn’t sent properly, they might go into your Outbox. If you find any, Tap it to send again.

• Your Email id and Password should be correct: While signing in, you must enter the correct Email id and password. If you still encounter a username or password error, you need to get in touch to your email provider or system administrator.

• You need to go through your iOS settings: at the time, you set up your email account on your device; iOS itself uses the correct account settings. If you are not sure, just compare the settings in the Mail app Go to Settings, thereafter Accounts & Passwords and click on your email account. Thereafter, click on your email address available next to Account to tally the account information, like incoming and outgoing mail servers. Look for the desired settings for your email account. If you have a POP3 email account, this enables checking of your account at only one device. Just sign out all the webmail sites that you have opened and check if your email is a POP3 account, go to Settings, thereafter Accounts & Passwords, click Account and look for the label POP Account Information.

• Remove your account from your iOS device: Thereafter, remove your email account and then set it up by signing in to it. Check if all of your email are there or saved somewhere other than your iOS device.

If you are still getting error like these, or some other error, just get in touch with the tech supporters available at Hotmail Customer Care UK delivering you best ever solutions. Moreover, the team acquires the best knowledge that is quite commendable to fix your every problem within a short period of time.

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