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Why Emails Land in Spam Folder And How To Prevent Them?

Gmail is famous for its strong spam mail sport. Spam mail can be devious and phishing. Most of ransom wares, viruses and malware attacks are performed through spam mails. Once you open a faulty mail or click on the link, your system might get infected.

Gmail spam filter is no doubt very affective, and this is the reason people opt it over other email services. But sometimes even it gets affected with false positive. You need to understand how and when a particular mail lands into spam folder.

Here are some reasons related to it:

• The first and foremost rule that an email marketing need to follow is to get express permission to emailing and do not violate any Can-spam act.
• If ever your IP address is used to send spam mail, then there is a possibility that your mails will land in spam folder.
• Message that contains links or websites that are blacklisted will also face the same consequence.
• Any sort of inconsistencies in “From” or “Reply-to” addresses and domain can make your mail land in junk folder.
• If your emails have low open rate then they will automatically land in spam folder.
• Spam complaint can affect the emails. It would be better to provide an unsubscribe link so that you don’t face spam mail complaint issue.
• When you mail large number of email addresses who are inactive then you are increasing the possibility of red flag to your message. It is better to keep updating the address book.
• The email subject line should not be deceiving. Such cheap tricks can work for short time period.
• Gmail check your content, and if it finds any words or phrase that can be related to spam then your mail will directly land into the junk box.

What you can do to prevent your mails from going into spam folder of the receiver? We know that for marketing and sale purpose, email is the most important mean of advertisement and promotion to generate links. One needs to make sure that their emails do not land into the junk box if they want it to reach to their customer.

For this they can try the given methods:

• You should check the content of the mail. The problem may be related to the subject or the message. Apart from this, the image or the link attached to the message can be causing this delivery issue.
• You can ask your subscribers to add your email address or domain into their Gmail white list or address book as such mails won’t get into junk mails.
• Ask your subscribers to open your messages regularly. Make sure that they haven’t created spam filter rule in such a manner that your emails are getting automatically blocked. If necessary guide them how they can set rules.
• If you will allow them to unsubscribe in an easy manner so that they do not register a complaint against your mails and do not mark them as spam. This way you can protect your reputation.
• IP address and domain name play a vital role in emailing. Use dedicated IP address and private domain. Ensure that you use an IP ramp-up strategy.

May be you need proper guidance for above solutions, in that case do not forget to get in touch with Gmail Customer Care UK, as no one else can guide you better then specialist available on this helpline.

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