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What Makes Emailing Better Than Letters

Emails are the first introduced instant messages that are sent through the internet. The mass number of people around the world use emails to communicate with each other, especially to send and receive official mails. Sending email has many benefits over a letter; some of them are as follows:

• It is more personal and direct.
• The cheapest way of communication.
• Instant message delivery
• You can send email to a mass number of people at once.
• You can access your email from anywhere; all you need is an internet connection on your device.
• You can receive files, documents, images and other media files through email attachments.
• You can save your mails and keep a record of them.
• You can organize your daily correspondence.
• Emails are environment-friendly as they don’t need any paper.

Thus, we cannot underestimate the importance of emails in present time. But when it comes to personal and professional communication, in both cases we need a reliable email service provider to fulfill your communication needs. Gmail is Google’s free email service, which comes with some amazing features that you will not get in an email service. You can enjoy emailing without any kind of risk and also maintain your record.

Problems Associated with Gmail Account

When you start using an email service, you have to face many difficulties that are going to make things troublesome for you. While using Gmail you can encounter the following issues:

Trouble in signing up for Gmail.
Various issues that are not allowing you to Login your Gmail account.
Problems with resetting or recovering Gmail password.
Technical fault that is blocking your way, while sending and receiving emails.
Struggling with unwanted spam and junk mails.
Forgot Gmail account recovery question.
Getting problem in opening Gmail in Firefox, Google, Opera etc.
You have a doubt that your account has been compromised or hacked.
Problems in managing Google Account Settings.
Emails are bouncing back to your account.
Receiving failure daemon errors for emails that are not sent by you.
Not able to send mails to multiple receivers in one go.
Cannot set profile pictures and status in Gmail account.
Problems in deleting and unsubscribing with unwanted emails.
Not able to setup two-step verification feature.
Unable to delete Google Account permanently.
Other troubleshooting problem related to your account.

The above problems can make things difficult for you and you might even lose complete access to your account is these problems are not solved on time.

Features of Gmail Services That Makes it Standout

The below features make Gmail the best email service in the market:

• Filters Spam: With this mail service you do not need to worry about any spam or junk mails as Gmail blocks all spam mails before they could reach to your inbox.
• Organizes Responses: The mails you send is grouped with all responses you receive.
• Free Space: It offers you lot of free storage (10+ GB) and even you can purchase additional space as well.
• Rich Text: When you compose new mail you can use stylish fonts, colors, bullets, hyperlink, emoticons etc. to make your email look more attractive.
• Keep you Secure: Gmail uses HTTPS encryption to keep your mails secure.
• Gmail on Mobile: Now you can access your account even on your mobile through Gmail app.
• No Pop-ups: With Gmail, you do not have to worry about pop-ups, we always display text Ads and that too the relevant ones.
• Attach big files: It allows you to send attachment up to 25 MB.
• Search Mails: You can look for the exact message you want through Google search within Gmail.
• Organize mails: Use labels, stars and filters to organize your mails and it will also look pretty.
• More Features: With just one click you can chat with your contacts and go for Gmail voice or video call.

How to recover forgotten password?

    If the user is looking for a perfect solution through which a user can regain a forgotten password, then just follow steps mentioned below.

    • User needs to go to the forgotten recovery page.
    • In the next step, user needs to enter the Gmail Address.
    • Now, just Click on Submit and follow the onscreen instructions in a right order.

How to Create a Google Account?

    To sign up and create new Gmail account, please follow the given steps:

    • First, you need to open any Google webpage.
    • Then you need to select or create a unique username.
    • The fill the rest of the details like your first and last name, date of birth, gender etc.
    • Complete the CAPTCHA and then agree to the Privacy policy and terms and condition.
    • Click Next, and fill out your Google+ profile creation page. • Click Get started.

    That’s it you can now enjoy using your mail account.

Connect with Us for Instant Assistance

Sometimes users try to resolve these complicated issues of Gmail on their own, but very rarely they are successful in doing so. It is always recommended that you should take help from an email expert to avoid further complications, as experts understand the features and issues associated with your account and they know what the best possible solution for your problem is. Moreover, these email executives are within your reach. You just need to connect with Gmail professional service provider on our helpline for the UK.

The moment you call us, we will take over your troubles and make every possible effort to rectify it. Our email executives are trained under technical experts and they have years of experience in handling these issues. You can call us anytime as we work 24 hours and 7 days a week for 365 days, just to serve you with the best and permanent solution. Now, you do not have to worry about any of your problem related to this email service as we are at your service.

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