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The world is becoming digital, now we have to pace up with time. The time has gone when you need to wait for hours, days, weeks or months to convey a message, send a document or file to someone. In the present time, everyone needs a fast technology, through which they can send an instant message to anyone in the world. Emails are the best and the cheapest medium of communicationwith people around the world. Whether you want to send a letter to your parents or friend or you want to send a proposal or document to your colleague or business clients, you can use emails to send and receive messages.

Hotmail was launched about two decades ago, it was one of the first free webmail services at that time. We can definitely say that it revolutionized the way of communication. Hotmail was introduced in the year 1996 and then after one year in 1997, it was taken over by Microsoft, which is one of the most trusted software brands worldwide. Hotmail not only allows you to send and receive emails, but it also offers some outstanding features like the option to edit word documents online directly, high level of security, better customization features and much more that makes it the best.

What Makes Hotmail An Outstanding Webmail Service?

• Windows Live Hotmail is more like Outlook, in-fact if you have a Hotmail account you can easily login to it in Outlook.
• Just with a single right click you can reply, delete or print a message and similarly, you can rename, delete, empty or create a new folder.
• Windows Live Hotmail is integrated with Facebook chat.
• You can send large mail through this email service. This is the only email service that allows you to send mail up to 10GB of photos per email.
• It automatically spell-checks the e-mails and highlights the misspelled words.
• With HTTPS, Hotmail becomes more secure and safe. Now you are not only safe from phishing attacks but also you can safely browse emails.
• Now you can directly edit and send a reply. There is no need to download the attachment of the mail to make changes in it.
• If you are using a new version of Hotmail that you can enjoy one-click filter feature.
• Every email attachment that you receive is automatically get scanned to keep you safe from any virus or other threat.
• You can access your Hotmail account on web-enabled mobile phones or PDA.

Email Problems that can lead you to Trouble

Hotmail always tries to give its best to the user but still at times you might come across some technical or non-technical issues that will halt your process of emailing. Some of such issues are mentioned below; let us have a look at them:

Not able to sign up or login to Hotmail account for technical reasons.
Cannot configure the setting of the email account to give it the personalized touch.
Folders are taking a lot of time in loading.
Cannot load Hotmail in any particular browser.
Spam-filter of the account is not working.
Unable to edit Office documents in the email itself to reply.
You are noticing some suspicious activities in your account, beware may be your account is hacked.
Your email account is suspended or compromised.
Facing issue while using aliases in Hotmail.
Two-step verification is not working.
Increased number of failure daemon messages in your account.
Various problems because of which you can’t send or receive mails.
Mails are returning undelivered.
Problems in recovering a forgotten password.
Unable to compose a new mail.
Issues associated with POP3, IMAP or SMTP email account.
Difficulty in setting up auto-responder.

We have mentioned only a few issues, apart from these there are so many other issues that a user can face while using Hotmail.

How to correct problems of sending or receiving of Emails?

    One of the commonly occurring problem is of sending or receiving of emails. If the user is willing to understand correctly about this problem, then just contact experts. They will make sure that following steps mentioned below is sufficient for resolving technical issues like –

    • First of all, check the DNS section here:
    • User might have wrong form of settings in your local email client.
    • The user can examine POP/IMAP services running on your server.

    Well, still if the particular form of problem exists then user is supposed to contact relevant professionals.

How to Set up Two-Step Verification in Hotmail

    Two-Step verification is a good way of protecting your account. If you go for this method then apart from your password you also need a contact method. To setup two-step authentication you need an email address, phone number, or authenticator app where you will be sent a security code every time you try to login. Follow these steps to turn it on or off:

    • Go to Security Basic Page and login to your account.
    • Then select More Security Options.
    • Choose “Set up two-step verification” from Two-step verification to turn it on.
    • If you want to turn it off then choose “Turn off two-step verification”.
    • Simply follow the instruction to complete the process.

Are You Looking For Professional Assistance?

We understand that sometimes it becomes really annoying to keep dealing with minor and major issues associated with your email account, this is the reason we have opened a toll free United Kingdom based helpline for Hotmail to provide guidance and support to all the users. When you face any issue while accessing or utilizing Hotmail, you can take benefit of our dedicated service which is always within your reach. Our technical experts can resolve any or all issues through our sophisticated phone support. But in case you are not able to follow the guidance given by our executives that you can also opt for our remote service in which we get access to your device under your supervision to resolve the issue. Hotmail Helpline is always there to support you in every situation.

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