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Internet or No Internet, Antivirus is Must

Many people say that they do not use internet on their system, hence they don’t need antivirus software on their device. It is not so, as we keep on transferring files from external devices which might be infected and can harm our system. If you get even a single file that is infected in your system, your whole system can get it and harm your system. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to have an antivirus installed on your device no matter you use internet or not. It is only an antivirus which can prevent wrong and harmful files from spreading the virus in your system.

When you select McAfee for your device protection, you make the right choice. You can install the software without any hassle and use it with ease. Moreover, it doesn’t tax your computer resources which performing a scan. It is known for providing protection to all small, medium and large enterprises around the world. A survey claims that a large number of banks and more than one lack of corporate enterprises are using the software for protecting their device and data.

What Makes McAfee Powerless and Ineffective?

Using McAfee services sometime become difficult for its users as they come across some generic or critical issues that might not allow the software to keep your device protected. These well-known malfunctions completely contradict the good things that this security tool can offer you and can make your system vulnerable to cyber-attacks. There are hundreds of issues connected with it and some of them are mentioned below:

Can't use McAfee Parental control feature properly.
The Antivirus program is showing PC as unprotected.
Difficulties in customizing system scan settings for better security.
Technical issues in Installation and Reinstallation of the program.
The program is not getting automatically updated.
The software is slowing down your PC while scanning.
The scanning process is taking too long to complete.
The program is leading to abrupt system crash after installation.
McAfee Schedule Scan for better system performance and enhanced security.
Problem in McAfee subscription renewal on yearly basis.
How to create McAfee account and generate a monthly report of scanning.
Update and Upgrade problem related to the software.
The software is blocking other genuine installation.
Problem in McAfee installation without CD or Retail card.
Other scan related issues with the software.

To install McAfee on your device make sure that it fulfills the system requirements for the device as mentioned below:

Operating System

• Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 (32/64 bit)
• Mac OS X 10.11 or later
• Google Android Smartphone or tablets 4.1 or higher
• Apple iOS 9 or later

High-Speed Internet Connection


• RAM 2GB or More
• Free Hard disk space- 500 MB
• Processor- 1GHz

Browsers - Internet Explorer 10.0 or later, Firefox, Chrome and Safari

If your system fulfills these requirements then you can enjoy the smooth functioning of this antivirus software. When you download the software as per system requirement, you can avoid most future problems associated with the antivirus, especially installation related issues and system performance related problems.

Easy Ways to Take Care of Your McAfee Issues

Stop Unwanted McAfee Pop-ups

    Continuous notifications, alerts and pop-ups can irritate anyone, but you can block unwanted notification with some simple steps. Open your security program and go to its Properties, then select “McAfee pop-up blocker”. Check the box that says “Enable pop-up blocker” and click OK. It is as simple as this.

McAfee Conflict with Windows Defender

    It won’t be a nice idea to use both McAfee and Windows Defender simultaneously. It is suggested that when you install the software on your device, it would be better to keep Windows Defender disabled. Although, Defender automatically get disabled as you install this security program but if it doesn’t then please do it manually from Control Panel.

McAfee Manual Update

    Sometimes the software doesn’t get updated automatically and in that case, you need to update it manually. For that, you need to navigate on McAfee antivirus update page and click on latest update for the system. Double click the downloaded zip folder to run update file. Then click on “Update” button on your program and once the process gets complete, restart your computer.

Slow system Performance

    If you are facing slow system performance after installation of McAfee then better make changes in your software settings. First, make sure you run full system scan only when you are navigating untrusted sites. Then also prevent it from eating up system resources at startup. Try to scan your device at the end of the day so you don’t have to struggle with slow PC.

Still Needs Technical Help for Your McAfee Product

We are committed to your complete satisfaction; whenever you feel that your antivirus program is not working the way it should, make sure you submit your case to our technical team of specialist. Our technical team is working round the clock at McAfee Customer Care service just to make things right for you. We will take full proprietary of your problem unless it gets resolved. We make sure to provide you dedicated solutions and service in a timely and courteous manner.

For all question and issues please dial us now on our McAfee toll-free Support and talk to our expert right there. Our technicians are aware of the technical know-how to help you with all sorts of problems associated with this antivirus. No matter how critical the issue seems to be, we assure you that you will get what you want at our workstation.

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