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Like we need an umbrella to protect ourselves from acid rain so that it cannot harm us, in the similar manner we need an antivirus program to protect our PC from any harm or infection. Antivirus acts like an umbrella for our computers. Antivirus software is used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software such as spam, scam, phishing attacks, online identity or online banking threat and much more from your device. Thus, it becomes necessary for all internet users to have the one installed on their device.

For enhanced security of your system, you can trust Norton antivirus products. You can easily get compatible versions of the software for your PCs, Smartphone, tablets and Mac. The software is capable of blocking and removing any antivirus from your device without slowing it down. The software was tested by many independent AV-Test and AV comparatives and it was proved to be better antivirus over most other security software. It not only detects and removes the viruses but it can also remove other threats like key loggers and tracking cookies.

Earlier versions of this antivirus might have many drawbacks but the latest version has overcome all those and now is one of the top most antivirus brands in the market. There are different versions available for this software and you can buy its subscription either for one device or ten devices, the choice is yours. The best thing about this antivirus software is that it cares about you and your device and thus it makes sure you always stay safe and protected.

Some Issues That Can Give Norton Users Sleepless Nights

No matter how good an antivirus is but there are some issues that a user will definitely get while using it. There are times when Norton doesn’t work properly because of these issues and the user keeps struggling with them to make their software work well. Some of such issues are mentioned below:

It is not scanning the system at all.
Getting false positive issues with the software.
Unable to use Norton anti-spam filter to keep the email account safe.
Getting issues in making changes in Norton schedule scan setting.
Too many errors prompt coming while using the program.
The software detects the virus bet don’t clear them.
Continuous failed attempts to un-install the program.
Disable Norton auto-renewal of subscription.
Problem in getting Norton refund.
Problem in handling Norton subscription related issues.
The System becomes unresponsive after the installation of the program.
Difficulty in successfully installing the program.
Getting Invalid key error during the re-installation of the program.
Various issues in Norton Firewall settings for better protection.
Difficulty in creating Norton account and changing its credentials.

There are not the only issues that a Norton user has to go through; there are many more out there that one has to face. But you do not have to worry about these issues; most of these issues are generic and therefore easily solvable.

Learn To Handle Some of Its Issues

Norton Subscription Renewal

    This is very easy; you need to start your Norton product and next to renewal status, click Renew, then click Renew My Subscription and follow the on-screen instructions and once done, exit your browser. Then in the Symantec Renewal window, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process and lastly run Live Update for downloading all available updates.

Norton False Positive Issue

    If you are encountering any false positive issue then better add files, folders and websites into exclusion from Norton scan. For this, you need to open your antivirus program and click on its settings and then go to Antivirus option. There click on “Scans and Risks” tab and look for “exclusions/low risks” section. There you can make changes and add files and folders in the exclusion list.

Schedule Full System Scan

    Full system scan can protect your system without compromising with system performance. You can customize your scan time and frequency when you are away from your PC. This setting is available in Scan windows of your security program.

Norton Error "8504,104"

    This error is caused by software conflict with another security product or due to a failed installation of the program while upgrading to newer version. To fix this error first run Norton Remove and Reinstall tool, if that doesn’t resolve the issue then remove any non-Symantec security product from your device. If still the issue persists then update the video graphic driver for fixing it.

Access Technical Assistance for Other Issues

You can directly voice your concern about the Norton technical issues to our service providers on our customer care support service. Our talented team of technicians is capable of handling these issues in an elegant manner. When you dial our toll-free Norton Support, you won’t get any of our lines congested as we make it to the point that you could easily reach to us without any delay or waiting.

We provide support in two different ways, either through phone service where you convey your problem to us and we suggest you the best solution on phone itself or you can also get access to our remote service. If you feel you can’t resolve the issue from phone assistance then you can allow us to have a limited access to your device in your surveillance to rectify the issue. Whichever way you choose, our main motive is to resolve your issue and make things easier and more secure for you.

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