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Outlook: The Best Desktop E-mail Client

Electronic mails, which are widely known as Emails, are an electronic medium of sending a message to your family, friends, collogues, business partners and others. In older times when we need to communicate with someone in written manner then we used to write letter and drop it in the mailbox and wait for few days to let it get delivered to the concerned person, but with emails you don’t have to wait for days, it is an instant way of sending and receiving message. All you need is an internet connection and a device like mobile, iPad or PC for sending an email.

Microsoft Outlook is a desktop email client. It is the most popular tool in administration for email and most of the officer goer uses it for their official communications. It comes with some amazing features that make it best in the industry. It has a user-friendly interface which allows a user to easily make changes in its settings and use its amazing specifications. It makes it easy for a user to organize their assets. Last but not the least, Outlook keeps your mail account secure, it has a very good junk mail filtering system that protects your inbox from unwanted mails.

Outlook Can Also Face Some Technical Issues

Despite having the best features, still, even Outlook can have many different problems. Some of the problems that you can get are as follows:

Unable to set up IMAP or POP account in Outlook.
Problems in sending and receiving emails in your account.
Difficulty in the installation and re-installation of Outlook on your system.
Cannot open attachments.
Not able to add attachments while sending mails.
Windows Firewall blocking the access to your email account.
The spam filter is not functioning properly, hence receiving too many spam mails.
Unable to sync mails, contacts etc. into your account.
Problems in updating Outlook.
Not able to retrieve older mails.
Emails are loading too slowly.
Emails are bouncing frequently to your account.
Mails are returning undelivered.
Not able to set auto-responder in your email account.
Can’t customize the email account for better use.
Problems in signup for a new email account.
Receiving accessing failure daemon messages in your account.

The above issues will definitely give you a headache, and you have to deal with them as soon as possible so that you do not have to lose your access to your account.

Let Us Discuss What More Outlook Can Offer You

Amazing Spam Filter: Email users are more worried about their online security and the main threat to them is spam and phishing mails. Outlook offers an amazing spam filter that doesn’t allow junk or any unwanted mail to land up in your primary folder.

Integration with Other Devices: You can sync your PDA or Smartphone easily with Outlook. In fact devices like BlackBerry or Windows phone can also manage it. Skype and ACT! Also talks to Outlook. In short, you will hardly find any desktop tool that can’t talk to Outlook.

Arrange Your Appointments: It also has an integrated calendar, task list and virtual sticky notes that let you keep a track of your appointments.

One-Stop Email: You can integrate your other email accounts with Outlook. You can sort them into separate folders if you want.

Safe Download: You don’t have to feel insecure while downloading updates for Outlook as it is completely safe. Plain text gets downloaded by default and images always ask for permission before they get downloaded.

The Right Tool for Email: It is the most robust, secure and versatile emailing tool and its extra functionality adds up to its uniqueness and importance.

Outlook PST has Corrupted?

    The Microsoft’s inbuilt ScanPST.exe proves to be quite effective in this situation. You can find it inside the Outlook installation folder. Well, even if it does not run, then user can use a Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair to fix PST.

Difference between IMAP and POP Setting

The two main protocols of incoming emails are IMAP and POP, but these two are completely different from each other.


    • You can use your email account only on one device.
    • The mails are always stored on the device that you use.
    • Send mails are stored on the computer.


    • You can access your email account on as many devices as you want.
    • The mails are stored on the server, hence you can open them anywhere you want.
    • Send mails are stored on the server.

In present time it is recommended that you should go for IMAP as it allows you to have two ways connection. You can open your email from anywhere and on every device. Comparatively POP limit your access to your account in many ways.

Sometime you will Need Expert Assistance

There can be various sorts of technical issues that can bother you while accessing your Outlook account. These issues can be hard for the user to rectify and that is the reason we have opened a 24 hours helpline for all Outlook account users to assist them in a problematic situation. What-so-ever the tech issue is you can definitely trust our Outlook technicians who are waiting for your call on our toll free contact, which is a UK based technical service.

When you call us our expert immediately shift their focus to your problem and help you deal with them. You can make use of our service through our sophisticated phone support service or via remote access to your device under your surveillance. We will make sure that you get an instant answer for your query from our technical team and they will be there with you until you feel satisfied with our service. Now the time for struggle is over, take full benefit from our quality service today.

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