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How to Keep Your Canon Printer Maintained?

07 January 2019

Canon Printers are tested before being launched in the market. They undergo various tests to ensure that there is no manufacturing defect in the printer hardware and they are performing smoothly as they promise. But still, there are people who get different technical issues while using this printer brand. They start blaming the brand for the problem they encounter, but actually, it’s mostly the negligence done on customer’s part which is the main reason behind printer issue. Like your car, your printer also needs proper maintenance, care and servicing. For servicing part, you can connect with printer technicians on Canon Printer Helpline Number UK. If you just be careful about your printer cleanliness and maintenance then you can avoid a lot of issues and error that otherwise, you have to face.

Here in this blog, we are going to give you some printer maintenance tip that will definitely increase the lifespan of your printer.

• Keep Your Printer at a Clean Space: Printers should always be kept on a clean space because other dust and debris will collect inside it and that will further cause issues to your machine.
• Clean It Regularly: Regular cleaning of the printer is a must. Spending a few minutes on your printer cleanliness can increase its life. If the dust gets accumulated on your printer roller, print head or cartridge then you may face various printing issues such as low print quality, paper jam and paper feed problems.
• Use Genuine Media: You not only have to take care of the paper type and paper size settings, but also have to see the quality of the paper you are using. We suggest you to go for either genuine Canon printer paper or printers’ paper that has less clay content in them. This will reduce the paper jam issue and improve the print quality.
• Use Genuine Printer Parts: There are some printer parts that need replacement after a certain time period such as cartridges, cartridge carriage, the ink absorber, printer roller and so on. Whenever they need replacement, we suggest you to buy online genuine Canon parts to avoid any issue in future.
• Use Print Head Utilities: Canon printer has inbuilt head cleaning and head alignment utility that you can use to get quality prints. Print heads get clogged as the ink gets accumulated inside them. You should run the print head cleaning utility at regular intervals to avoid any further issue. You can also run print head alignment utility to align the print head.
• Check Printer Density: Printer toner cartridges release ink to the machine and this is why it becomes necessary for the user to set the print density regularly otherwise you may get black prints.

Printer maintenance might not eliminate all the printer issues but they will definitely minimize them. For other printer issues, you have the complete support of printer technicians with you. These technicians are working round the clock at Canon Printer Support Number UK. You can contact them and ask them for assistance in case of crises.

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