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How to Recognize Cloned Cartridge in Epson Printer?

17 September 2018

You Epson Printer can offer you the best print quality only if you are using original cartridge. Original cartridges are not only smooth in functioning but you can get better print quality from them. But a lot of time people prefer to go for third-party ink cartridge only to save a little penny. Cloned or third-party ink cartridges are cheaper than original Epson cartridges, thus, the print cost automatically diminishes but at times you are not able to get professional quality prints from them or even you might experience “cartridge not recognized” error. This error will stop you from resuming your print task.

Note: If you have any issue in installing a printer cartridge then feel free to connect with us on Epson Printer Toll Free Number UK. Our technical squad will help you in replacing printer cartridge.

But what if you have ordered or purchased a genuine Epson cartridge but the retailer sent you a cloned cartridge to make money, when you install this cartridge, the printer comes up with an error message. Don’t worry, your Epson printer will recognize a clone cartridge and work with it. You will be able to print with this same cartridge without any problem. But for this, you have to disable the Epson Printer monitor and then follow the direction given below:

• Install the cartridge in your Epson Printer. (Install the one that you are doubting to be to cloned)

• Click on the Start button and then go to your System’s “Control Panel”.

• Now double-click on the Printer tab.

• Look for your Epson printer icon in the list and right click it.

• From the context menu that appears, click “Printer Preferences” which is located at the bottom of the dialog box.

• Then click on “Speed and Progress” tab and see the Epson Printer monitor box.

• Check off the box that says “Disable Epson Status Monitor”. This will turn off the ink monitor of the printer.

• Now click “Save” and exit the Window.

Hopefully, your Epson printer will recognize the cloned cartridge and work smoothly without showing any error or problem. In case, you are still getting any issue then you can connect with our printer masters on Epson Printer Help Desk Number UK. We have our technician who can help you use third-party ink or toner cartridge with Epson Printer without any issue. This way you can enjoy printing at a low cost.

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