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How to understand different error codes in Canon Printer?

The manufacturing of printer is something that involves detailed form of understanding by the concerned professionals. In the present time-period one just can’t limit themselves to one odd segment and then keep other elements on the sidewalk. So, when a different model or brand of printer does come outside the manufacturing unit, then detailed form of understanding is needed.

This is where, professionals of Canon Printer keep it in mind of educating users about different form of "Canon Printer Error Codes" that linger on the heads of the user. Once, this is being understood then user will be able to execute work properly.

List of different error codes is being listed below: -

• E-13 – The ink cartridges have been running out of ink. Then replace ink-cartridges with some consumables that is compatible with your printer.

• E-16 – Replacing of empty ink-cartridges and then shut down paper output cover.

• E05 – when this form of error code is visible then orange light will glow on your machine and blink for 5 times. This is caused because of print head is not being installed properly inside the printer.

• 1486 – The ink cartridges have been installed wrongly. In this case, user just needs to either correct it and then re-install it properly.

• 5200 – The user needs to examine for orange protective or white polystyrene and then remove it whenever is necessary. One also needs to examine if any foreign object is present or not. Then reconnect the printer and switch it back on. Alarming that printer is showing signs of service error and so printer needs to be turned off.

Well, there are different other technical issues or errors which do come out and create problems for the concerned user. Having said this, user does not have to worry at all because Canon Printer is being used. The wide range of quality components being infused inside the printer is the direct result of efficient work. No wonder it has been able to cater orders of both corporate and home users.

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