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Printer Problems That You May Face

25 September 2018

A printer is a problematic machine that can come with different technical issues and errors at any point of time without giving any prior intimation to its user. These problems will either make your printer perform in a sluggish manner, completely stop them from printing or deliver low-quality printouts to you. No matter whether you are using an HP printer, Canon Printer, Epson Printer, Brother Printer or Lexmark printer, the problems are common with all of them. However, you can easily find support for these printer issues on Printer Customer Care Number from printer masters but still won’t it be better if we could resolve these problems on our own.

Anyways, we have come across so many printer users who come to us and complain that their printer is printing really slowly, especially when a print command is sent through a mobile device. First, make sure that you have sent a print job in a correct manner from your Smartphone or tablet as mostly people commit mistake at this initial level. If the problem is not related to the process then mostly the issues are associated with the connectivity. Check that your printer and mobile phone both are connected with the same network and your router or Wi-Fi speed is up to the mark. You can also fix this issue by bringing your router closer to your printing machine or using a small USB cable to connect the printer with the network. You can also install a repeater to resolve this problem.

The other most common issue with your printer is low toner error. If you are getting this error when the toner cartridge is actually low then it is not a problem, but what if you get the error when you have just replaced a new toner cartridge. Yes, this happens with a lot of people and then they run to a Printer technical Service provider to find an immediate solution. But before you call an expert on printer helpline, we suggest you to check some basic things like:

• Make sure that you haven’t replaced an incorrect consumable cartridge.
• Always use genuine printer cartridge, for example, if you are using a Canon printer then buy Canon genuine cartridge and if you are using Epson Printer then go for Epson cartridge.
• Always replace the cartridge with a new one.
• Make sure that the cartridge is correctly installed.
• Maybe your printer is not able to read the cartridge, so try cleaning corona wire.
• The new cartridge should not be damaged or broken.

If you have checked your printer thoroughly and didn’t find any fault but still getting the same issue then hard reset your printer as that might fix the issue. You need to consult printer experts on our Printer toll-free number @0808-169-1988 for this as reset instructions are different for different printer models.

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