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Some Common HP Printer Problem That You May Encounter

11 October 2018

A printer is a machine of errors and faults, you can never say when it will come up with an issue and hamper your printing tasks. HP Printer is not an exception in this case. The printing machine can come up with N-number of problems related to printer hardware and software. Although, you can easily find support for HP Printer issues at HP Printer Helpline Number UK, but won’t it be better if you can just handle these problems on your own. We are going to discuss some common HP Printer issues here.

1. Problem in HP Printer Driver Installation: HP Printer comes with its own software installation CD. You just need to run the installation CD to download your printer driver but if in case you have lost your software installation CD then you can download HP Printer driver from HP Official website. From there, you will get latest, updated and most compatible printer driver.

2. Clear HP Printer Paper Jam: paper jam mostly takes place because of user carelessness and one has to be very careful while clearing the jam. You should always pull the paper in the direction it comes out of the machine. In case, the jam is inside the machine then open printer’s cover and remove the paper and paper bits from the inside of the paper.

3. Issue in Printing on Envelops: It’s complicated to print on envelops. The user has to be very careful while selecting an envelope. Choose an envelope that is close to 20-lb paper in weight and thickness is considered as an appropriate one. The adhesive on the paper should be capable of handling fuser’s heat. In case, the envelope is coming out wrinkled that means it is too stiff for the paper path.

4. Printer Offline Issue: You will get a printer offline issue mostly because of connectivity or communication problem. You should check your printer settings from the system Control Panel and make sure that it is not set on offline mode. You can also use HP Print & Scan Doctor. This tool is designed to deal with such issues. It automatically detects the cause behind the problem so that it can rectify it.

5. HP Printer “Out of paper” or Paper Feed Problem: If your HP Printer is not able to feed the paper then maybe it can be a problem of the dirty roller. Use a damp cloth to clean your printer rollers. Apart from this, also make sure you have placed the paper correctly in the paper tray.

6. Faded Prints: This kind of print mostly is a result of low or empty ink or toner cartridge or in case print density is set to low. Other than this, you will get the same issue if you have turned on Economode printing. You can call experts on HP Printer Phone Number UK to find an appropriate solution for this issue. Experts can easily find out the exact cause behind the problem to offer you an accurate solution.

Printer problems are endless, it is not possible to discuss each and every problem here. Whether you are facing an issue in performing the print task or you are not getting the desired print quality, whatever it is, you can dial our toll free number and find its immediate and permanent solution from our printer maestros. Our technical team is capable to make even an old HP Printer work like a new one.

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