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What can be done to expand your HP Printer’s life?

19 December 2018

A printer completes your computer’s accessory list and is needed to cover all your printing tasks. HP Printers are the most focused devices when it comes to give out professional looking documents. Despite being most reliable machines and the best of efforts, HP printers often malfunction and that cause you much trouble. And these malfunctioning will impact on your printer’s life in some or other way. A little effort can expand your HP Printer’s life. For this, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Clean your device from the inside:

Cleaning is always being the best maintenance step that should be performed with your HP Printer time to time. Whenever you see excess paper dust or other debris inside your printer, you should clean it at the same time. You can also use compressed air to puff off the dust and debris out of the printer.

Don’t use torn or used paper:

You might have known that any kind of damaged paper can result into paper jams. And to prevent paper jams, you must make sure that you are not using torn or used paper to print. Always use a fresh paper which can prevent any type of damage to your device. If you are having issues while selecting the correct paper, contacting HP Printer Technical Help Number UK will help you for sure.

Always use high-quality labels:

If your device has been used to make labels, you must confirm that it has been provided with high-quality label stock. You must know that cheap labels can completely spoil printer parts, most importantly the fuser. They can even peel off of the backing paper and become stick to the first surface whichever they come in contact with. High-quality labels won’t cause damage to the device.

Close the manual feed tray when not in use

Whenever your printer is not using the manual feed tray, you should close it. Anything accidental can cause a bump and might break the tray. You should ensure that you have closed it after use every time.

Replace printer’s parts under care

As you know that your printing device is made up of plastic and replacing parts can be quite damaging the parts in short. You should be very careful while replacing different parts whether they are unbreakable or not.

Store paper in a low-humidity place:

Any place with high environmental humidity might make the printing paper to stick together, that can cause paper jams and paper feed problems. In order to stop multiple pages from sticking together and feeding at the same time, you always store your paper in a cool, low-humidity environment.

To know more, you should connect to the talented tech representatives at HP Printer Toll Free Number UK. They have right knowledge and skills to clear your doubts in a totally peaceful manner. Just call them on their toll free number and get the best assistance against the issues you have confronted.

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