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What can be the best fix for Canon Printer Error code 6000?

16 February 2019

Technological world has already introduced so many options for greater productivity and success. The printing industry has also been provided with so many reliable printers fulfilling both personal as well as professional needs. Printers introduced by Canon manufactures comes with best functional features and trending technology. They have been released with fast action technology and has command over any type of print job. Moreover, Canon Printers are user-friendly as they allow printing from any place. Canon Printer Contact help Number UK can provide you better details regarding this.

Every technological device comes with some disturbances as well. Same things happens with a printing device, there might be a chance that your Canon device show up with some technical errors or might not work properly. This is also possible that you encounter an error code which is really difficult to understand or resolve. Canon Printer Error code 6000 comes under this category. There can be so many reason behind it. The list has been given below:

• When the paper feed tray won’t open or it is blocked due to dust particles or paper pieces.
• There might be a case when the paper tray is not fitted correctly in the printer.
• This error may also occur when we try to give a multiple paper print command at a single time.
• There can be a chance that the device is surrounded by so many documents.
• There can be any defect in the sensor unit or in-line feed slit.

To correct such error code from your path, you should follow the steps as suggested below:

• Even when restarting your printing device can’t fix the error code, you should move further.
• As the first step, you need to unplug your printing device from the power switch, and leave it for some time on pause mode.
• After that, you need to re-plug the power cord and again switch it on.
• Thereafter, you have to press and hold the Power button for some time. And then, goes on to press the Stop one more time.
• You have to repeat the process for about two more times.
• And then, leave the Power button very slowly.
• Now, you need to press the Stop button for four times.

The above steps are really helpful when you want to fix Canon Printer Error code 6000. If you feel other disturbing element, you should call the talented technicians who are available at Canon Printer Toll Free Number UK for best results. The technicians will help you in fixing the problem in the shortest period of time.

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