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What can be the exact plan to fix error 6C10 in Canon Printer?

01 November 2018

Where Canon Printer is determined for providing extraordinary printouts as fast as possible, there are times when it starts to put you in troubles. This is not essential that a thing which is positive always remains positive. It can put to change and can display error codes too. Canon Printer Error code 6C10 usually show up at any point of time. This error code is known as CAM sensor error and might crop your system performance. If you have any other problem regarding Canon Printer, contact the technical team at Canon Printer Help Number UK and fix your problem instantly.

The error code 6C10 is generally about Reset Canon Printer Ink Absorber Error or a Valve Cam Sensor Error. And it is quite tough to deal with it if you don’t have enough technical knowledge. Such errors are obtained by Canon Printer users due to any blockage of sensor in the paper debris. It is quite difficult to locate the correct place of such blockage and you are not able to identify the ink absorber even. This becomes necessary to analyze the proper error in a complete sense. You can follow the steps as mentioned:

• As the first step, you need to remove the print head towards the center. Thereafter, you need to disconnect the printing device and go for checking on the right whether the purge unit is ok or not.

• When the above step is not helpful, you need to reset your printing device and power on the printing device. And then, go on to hold down the Resume button for about 15 to 20 seconds. Move ahead with the next step if this step is not helpful.

• Now, you have to Power off and open the door. After some time, you need to power on the device. After that, you need to close the door after the cartridge is in the center.

• And then, you need to move on to the top listed options which are of no use, there, you need to pen the lid and permit the ink cartridge carrier so that you need to proceed towards the centre itself.

• Thereafter, you will see a row of white rollers which is behind the carrier in which a small and clear piece of plastic is sticking up at the end. There on, you need to take a small piece of paper towel and wipe all of the ink off and after it gets clean just you need to move on to the ink pad. There will be a small square of about 1/2 inch per side where the excess amount of ink is being serene. You just take a piece of paper towel and press into that place for cleaning the entire ink present there. And then, close the lid and turn off the printer and turn it on after few seconds.

• When the above steps are of no use still, you just try to clean the print head to fix your problems instantly.

If the error code is not fixed yet, you can take help of the technical team at Canon Printer Helpline Number UK. The technicians are having best knowledge and proficiency which can stable your condition and clear off the error code in the requisite pattern.

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