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What to do if Canon Printer & Windows 10 issues is haunting user's efficiency?

16 August 2018

The user banking on the work being delivered through Canon Printer does reflect quality and perfection. One just can’t achieve a quality work if the user has not followed right set of procedures. Just like in the case of a user going for an upgraded version of Windows 10 and this has resulted in the user in not being able to execute work correctly.

There are many other factors which might cause problems for the user and due to which task is not being carried out properly. In this case, the user should just refer to Canon Printer Support Number UK and from this user will not have any difficulty in accessing the printer.

According to the experts of Canon, Printer user should follow the methods being narrated below –

Method – 1

The user might have updated the Printer Driver from Device Manager manually and look for positive results.
1. A user needs to open the run command by pressing Windows Key + R and then correctly type “devmgmt.msc”. After this user needs to press the Enter button.
2. In this step, the user is needed to Spot and then expand the Printer Drivers.
3. Now, Right Click on the Video Driver and finally Select Update Driver Software. The moment this procedure is completed, the user has to restart the computer and then look for the problem is fixed or not.

Method - 2

if the user sees that there is no availability of an Updated Driver mentioned in the Website of the Computer’s Manufacturer. Well, in this scenario user needs to download it into the Compatibility Mode. This mode actually runs the program using settings from an older version of the Windows.

Now, just adhere to the steps for installing the drivers in compatibility mode and check if that is of any use. Then follow the steps being mentioned below –
1. The user needs to download the driver from the manufacturer’s website.
2. Now, precisely Right-Click on the driver set-up file and Click on the Properties.
3. In the next steps, the user should Click on the Compatibility Tab and then examine the box. “Run this program in Compatibility mode for” and Select Windows 8/8.1 Operating System from the drop-down menu and go ahead with the installation. Once this step is being executed then re-start the computer and examine if the troubleshooting still exists.

These methods being explained is surely going to make sure that user will not have any trouble in using the Canon printer. Having said this, still, if the user feels some odd thing is lacking then he or she can seek the assistance of professionals through Canon Toll-Free Number UK. Representatives of the Canon Printer service team will guarantee that user will not have any trouble in either understanding or implement the methodologies being explained.

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