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What to Do if Epson Printer Prints Blank Page?

When an individual or a business enterprise look for a printer, the first thing that they consider is the quality of printing offered by that particular printer brand, as that is the top priority of everyone. Epson has topped the list of printer brands when it comes to quality. Whether you want to take our colored printouts, black and white prints, images or anything else, you can go for Epson printers.

But I do want to warn you before you buy any this machine, that it is just a machine and it can causes you trouble at any point of time. Sometimes the problem is associated with the hardware and other times it is linked with software, but no matter what the cause is, you will have to resolve the problem on time to continue with printing.

In such circumstances, you can also take help from printer specialists who are working at Epson Printer Help Desk UK.

The most common and frequent issue that any user face is of print quality such as light prints, particular color not printing, ghost printing etc. With Epson printer you might also encounter the issue of printing blank pages on Windows PC or Mac.

Before we begin with proper troubleshooting, try the following method to fix the issue:

• Check your paper size setting of the printing program and printer software.
• Make sure your print head nozzle is not clogged and if necessary clean the print head.
• If you have a blank page in your document which you want to skip then select “Skip blank page” settings of printer software.

If none of the above methods work for you and you are a Windows user then follow the given steps to fix the issue.

• You need to open the Control Panel and then select “Devices and Printers”.
• Right-click your product and then click on “Printer Preferences”.
• After that click on “Maintenance” tab and select “Extended Settings” button.
• Next you need to select the “Skip blank page” settings or checkbox and then click Ok.

If you are a Mac user then follow the given instructions:

• Open Apple menu and select “System Preferences”.
• Now click “Print & Scan” and select your printer.
• Then click on “Options & Supplies” and select Driver/Options.
• Next set “Skip Blank Page” to on and save your settings by clicking OK.

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