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Why HP Printer users encounter E4 error and how to fix it?

31 January 2019

HP Printer is renowned as an amazing printing machine which aims to give out professional quality printouts. Occasionally, some users confront error codes and there are chances that their device stops to print as it usually does. HP Printer Error code E4 appears and makes your device to stop feeding pages. The screen gets displayed with Paper Icon error and this might be possible that the Resume light blink. It can be said that such error generally appears when the paper is jammed inside the device. Sometimes, your printer might be tricking you with the paper jam error, but, in actual, it is not so. HP Printer Contact Help Number UK can help you in this matter.

In order to examine and correct Error code E8 in your device, you need to follow the steps suggested below:

1. Firstly, Check for the Jammed Paper:

There are so many areas where the paper can be jammed in any HP Printer. It is important to check all the areas to analyze the situation in a proper way. If you find any paper, just remove it to resolve the problem.

2. The Carriage must be free to move:

You must ensure that there are no foreign objects or paper in the printer so that the carriage is free to move across the width of the printer. When you are done with this, you should try to print something. If the error still persists, you should move on to the next step.

3. Cleaning any Ink smears, if found:

Cleaning the printing device puts a greater positivity on the printing results. Similarly, cleaning ink smears will help in clearing all the paper jams and enhance the print quality positively. When you see the error still, follow the next step.

4. Cleaning of Paper Rollers is also must:

Sometimes, dust, fiber or debris is the real cause of such problem in your printer. These elements accumulate on the paper feed rollers and therefore put a negative impact on your printing. This is the major cause, that any HP Printer is subjected to Paper Jam issue or something like that.

5. Try To Clean The Paper Rollers Manually:

When the above step is not sufficient in resolving the problem, you should try to clean the paper rollers in a manual way. You can take help of the ideal technicians available at HP Printer Toll Free Number UK and fix your troubles instantly. The tech representatives know the ideal way to clear your problems.

6. Reset the printing device:

Even after following the best steps, the Error code E8 still displays on your screen, this can only be resolved when you go for resetting your device. This will automatically rectify the problem instantly.

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