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How to Put an End to Problem of Excel Crashing and Not Responding?

19 March 2018

Some of the basic form of troublemaking elements are like – Microsoft Excel has crashed, hung, freeze, stop responding etc. Well, in such situation, the user just needs to follow a structural pattern of resolving these errors correctly.

The points are mentioned below -

Step – 1 – Open Excel in Safe Mode

The following of this step ensures the possibility of any disturbing elements does not arise and Startup programs do not cause problems. User can open the Excel in Safe Mode by just pressing and holding the Ctrl or by typing “/safe” in command line. At this point, Excel bypasses functionality and settings like – alternative startup location, changed toolbars, Excel add-ins.

Step – 2 Cross-examine the issues with COM add-ins

The add-ins are divided into two sub-categories like-
• Excel add-ins can be saved as- .xla, xlam, or .xll, files.
• COM add-ins is installed and includes DLLs and Registry Keys. These are basically created for one version of Excel and don’t support different versions.

If the problem is still existing, the user needs to find out problem is occurring in which add-ins. To disable it one needs to follow points suggested by Microsoft professional help Centre.

• Select > File > options > Add-ins.
• Now, alter the Manage dropdown to COM Add-ins and finally select Go.
• Now, clear the checkbox for any enabled COM add-ins. Then just select OK.

Step -3 Check Excel file details and relevant contents

Whenever, user exchanges Excel File with the other person, then he or she is not aware of what all is included. This is where difference in the versions or lack of being up-graded does cause problems and following areas will cause the performance issue -

• Formulas referencing entire columns.
• Multiple forms of hidden or 0 height and width object.
• Excessive styles caused by continuous copying and pasting of data.
• Excessive and invalid defined names.

Step – 4 Examine whether third party has generated your file

In some cases, third party has generated Excel files in a particular application. Well, due to this creation, files might be prepared incorrectly or some odd features are included in it. This is the reason why user might not be able to open the file in that application. So, just for record make sure if it opens in different applications, if it still does not open then convey to the third party about the problem.

Step – 5 Make sure that antivirus Software is up to date and not clashing with Excel

Sometimes the security software can make your Excel crash or affect its functioning. To avoid such issues you should always keep your antivirus program updated.

The user should make sure all the above steps are being followed in a right manner. As even a small loophole might hamper the performance and disrupt seamless form of work. The precision can be maintained if timely Microsoft excel support is undertaken. As, there might be some technical error which might hamper the performance of MS Excel.

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